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Introducing Reliability & Environmental Test and Engineering Services by Relia Test Labs – subsidiary of Hastest Solutions Inc.


Hastest Solutions Inc., has been manufacturing state-of-the art standard and customized environmental test equipment for a wide ranging customer base in the US and across the world since 2002. Our test facility, ReliaTest Labs, located in a 20,000 sq-ft building in the heart of silicon valley provides all-encompassing environmental test services and cutting edge engineering solutions to high technology companies in Silicon Valley and across the US. Please visit our web site to learn more about the test and engineering services or contact us with your specific requirements.

Test Services

Engineering Services

We provide a very wide range of environmental, climate, reliability, and quality test services for a very diverse customer. Being manufacturers of specialty climate test equipment, we have the capability and access to some of he most advance equipment, tests, methods, and standards - not available to other test facilities.More

We offer engineering services to enable successful product introduction, trouble-free high volume production, reliable field operation, and manageable end of life. We work with our customers during concept, design, validation, and manufacturing phases to ensure creation and production of highly reliable products. More



HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) testing subjects the test specimen to heat, moisture, and pressure stresses to find concealed defects. It uses a high temperature (100-150°C), high relative humidity (65-100%), and high atmospheric pressure conditions (2-4 atm). hours. More

Temperature Cycling

UV Exposure

Temperature cycling tests for a wide range of products and components to determine their ability to resist extreme temperature variation. More


UV (A&B) exposure tests with and without condensation as an accelerated life test to determine, in a short amount of time, how different materials/products will withstand long term outdoor use. More

Semiconductor Burn-In

We provide burn-in test services for a wide range of standard and custom semiconductor devices of all sizes, I/O count, and power levels. We also design and manufacture burn-in boards. More

Salt Atmosphere

Thermal Shock

We subject test specimen to salt atmosphere to determine their resistance to corrosion and compare corrosive resistance of materials. More

We use thermal shock methods to determine the physical endurance of products and components to sudden changes of temperature. In contrast with routine thermal/temperature
Thermal Shock Testing
cycling, thermal shock tests material's structural robustness by applying maximal temperature gradients. More

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