UV Exposure

Test devices and samples can be exposed to UV or full spectrum sunlight to simulate one year of sunlight in just days. Test specimens and samples can be exposed to a full spectrum simulated by special light sources.

This type of accelerated life testing shows how different materials/products will react to long term sunlight exposure.

Some of the industries requiring these types of tests include: Military & Defense, Automotive, Aerospace, Biotech, Industrial Equipment, Medical, Paint & Coatings, Plastics, Paper, Wood, Textiles, etc.

Some of the products that can be tested are: Paper, Plastics, Pulp, Wood, Outdoor fixtures/products, paints & coatings, textile & automotive parts/systems as well as many other materials that are exposed to sunlight.

These tests are also required for products that are exposed to Indoor Weathering conditions such as for carpets, office equipment, furniture, leather, etc.

Reference Test and Measurement Standards include but not limited to:

• ISO 11341 “Paints and varnishes – Artificial weathering and exposure to artificial radiation – exposure to “filtered xenon-arc radiation”

• ISO 4892 “UV Exposure: Plastics – Methods of Exposure To Laboratory Light Sources”

• ASTM D 2565 “Standard Practice for Operation of Xenon Arc Exposure of Plastics Intended for Outdoor Use”

• ASTM D4329-05 “Standard Practice for Fluorescent UV Exposure of Plastics”

• ASTM D4674 “Standard Practice for accelerated Testing for Color Stability of Plastics Exposed to Indoor Fluorescent Lighting and Window Filtered Daylight”

• ASTM D5071-06 “Standard Practice for Exposure of Photodegradable Plastics in a Xenon Arc Apparatus”

• ASTM D5208-09 “Standard Practice for Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure of Photodegradable Plastics”

• ASTM E1347 “Standard Practice for Color Analysis

• ASTM Method E313 ”Standard Practice for Calculating Yellowing Index”

• ASTM G155-07 “Standard Practice for Operation of Xenon Arc Apparatus for Exposure of Non-Metallic Materials.”