Engineering Services


We offer engineering services to enable successful product introduction, trouble-free high volume production, reliable field operation, and manageable end of life. We work with our customers during concept, design, validation, and manufacturing phases to ensure creation and production of highly reliable products. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Concept Phase

    • Reliability Gap Analysis
    • Reliability Goal Setting
    • Technology Risk Assessment
    • Reliability Program Plan
  • Design Phase

    • Reliability Predictions - MTBF
    • Product Aging (End-of-Life) Predictions
    • System Availability (Markov) Analysis
    • Reliability Block Diagramming - RDB
    • Failure Modes Effects Analysis - FMEA and Criticality Analysis - FMECA
    • De-rating Analysis and De-rating Guidelines
    • Warranty Predictions
    • Maintainability Analysis
  • Validation Phase

    • Reliability Test Plan Development
    • Highly Accelerated Life Test - HALT
    • Regulatory Compliance Testing and Certification
    • Accelerated Life Testing - ALT
    • Reliability Demonstration Testing - RDT
  • Manufacturing Phase

    • Highly Accelerated Stress Screen - HAAS
    • On-Going Reliability Testing - ORT
    • Product Aging (End-of-Life) Assessment

Traditionally there has been lots of focus on hardware reliability and availability. In fact, software has similar or increased chances of failure as well. Therefore, we have developed methods in which we can help our customers to improve their software reliability and quality. 

  • Reliability for Software Design

    • Software Reliability Prediction
    • Software Readiness Analysis
    • Software Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
    • Software Fault Insertion