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Hastest Solutions Inc., has been manufacturing state-of-the art standard and customized environmental test equipment for a wide ranging customer base in the US and across the world since 2002. Our test laboratory, ReliaTest Labs, located in a 20,000 sq-ft facility in the heart of silicon valley provides all-encompassing environmental test services and cutting edge engineering solutions to high technology companies in Silicon Valley and across the US. ReliaTest Labs works as a partner with companies developing state-of-the-art technology solutions in all phases of product life to ensure design, development, prototyping, and production of highly reliable products that meet market requirements. We follow ASTM, IEC, ISO, JEDEC, and MIL standards as well as customer specific requirements.

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We provide a wide range of environmental, climate, reliability, and quality test services for a diverse customer base. Being manufacturers of specialty climate test equipment, we have the capability and access to some of the most advance equipment, tests, methods, and standards - not available to other test facilities. More


We offer a wide range of engineering services to enable successful product introduction, trouble-free high volume production, reliable field operation, and manageable end of life. We work with our customers during concept, design, validation, and manufacturing phases to ensure creation and production of highly reliable products. More