High Temperature Operating Life testing is conducted at 125°C with an applied voltage bias higher than the nominal voltage level. The test duration is for 1000 hours. Test parameters, such as time and/or temperature, can be altered in order to accelerate the test. Intermediate measurements, using the standard production test program, are made to the devices at 24, 168, and 500 hours into the test.

Failures are monitored and analyzed for long-term stress effects that the products are expected to undergo. Metal electromigration, oxidation, and other common high temperature and voltage stress related failures are noted as test failures.

High Temperature Operation Life (HTOL) testing is performed to determine the effects of electrical bias and temperature on devices over extended periods during which potential inherent failures are accelerated. HTOL is used for device qualification prior to product release and volume manufacturing, and for routine reliability monitoring during the product life cycle.

ReliaTest Labs designs and manufactures HTOL systems including high performance thermal chambers, HTOL boards, driver boards and system software. It includes full-service HTOL  test capabilities to enable qualification of devices/products at different temperatures and electrical stimulus are performed simultaneously.

Reliatestlabs is developing a state-of-the-art HTOL system to provide temperature control at individual device level, which will enable reliable operation of HTOL testing on low geometry devices where leakage currents vary greatly from device to device. Devices with various DUT power up values will also be designed in.

Reference: JEDEC Standard JESD22-A108 as well as other industry and customer specific standards can be accommodated.


The LTOL Test is becoming a more frequent test now. Since the industry is moving towards low profile/low geometry device packages, additional efforts are required to gather more failure data at low temperatures. The decreasing of low geometries require the frequencies to go higher thereby increasing the Hot Carrier Injection (HCI). This is one of the causes of degradation which leads to deterioration of devices leading to failures.

LTOL is used in industries with applications in the low and sub-zero temperature conditions such as in:




• ReliaTest Labs provides full turn-key service for LTOL testing including LTOL board design and manufacture, test firmware programming and complete execution of the LTOL test according to JEDEC standard JESD22-A108, and other industry and customer specific standards.