Validation Phase

Reliability Test Plan Development


The objective of this activity is to design a set of reliability tests that should be performed on the product. Examples of these tests are HALT, FIT, RDT and ORT. In order to select which tests is required for the product, first the reliability goal and customer/market expectations must be defined then we help identifying the appropriate tests required.
Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT)

Building margin in the design is a key aspect of a good design. In order to verify the level of margin, HALT can be performed to determine

what is the design susceptibility to conditions above design specs where the margins are tested. The goal is how much design can be stressed to determine its destruct limits, which are above the standard operating limits. It includes various types of conditions such as hot, cold, vibration, voltage margining and combinations of these tests. The inputs to HALT could be stress-de-rating analysis, FMEA/FMECA and thermal simulations. The HALT profile & test results are used as an input to Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HASS).

We provide the following HALT services:
  1. Custom HALT Plan
  2. HALT execution which includes testing, monitoring and the final report
Regulatory Compliance Testing and Certification
Our compliance engineer can help you to meet your regulatory requirements in order to ship your product. We helped our customers to design & develop products with compliance in mind and enable them to ship their product globally by obtaining all the required certifications. The goal is to help customers to save time & money by eliminating design & test related issues. By our initial discussions with our customers, we are able to identify the required certification, how design for compliance, tests required, any technical file, documentations and help you by program managing the full process. We handle all EMC, safety and acoustics testing and all the required agency certification of compliance including markings. Our focus is not just testing; we provide compliance design support and recommendations in the early design phase as well.
We provide the following compliance services:
  1. Design for compliance
  2. Compliance test execution which includes monitoring and the final report
  3. Full certification
Accelerated Life Testing (ALT)
ALT has a few applications, a general test to measure the reliability of product, identifying key/dominant failure modes in the design, precipitating wear-out conditions and finally can be transformed to reliability demonstration testing. ALT can be used to bring out competing failure modes and help calculate the acceleration factor. Companies utilize ALT as a test method to determine if the product is ready for shipment.
We provide the following ALT services:
  1. Custom ALT Plan
  2. ALT execution which includes testing, monitoring and the final report
Reliability Demonstration Testing (RDT)
The most common test to demonstrate the reliability of a product is the reliability demonstration testing. In general, RDT is preformed at system level and the goal is to meet the established product reliability goal based on activation energy, temperature and number of units available for testing. Most customers require RDT as part of their reliability requirements and a condition for accepting the product to be shipped. The RDT temperature is at an elevated temperature and it is based on product operating temperature.
We provide the following RDT services:
  1. Reliability Demonstration Plan
  2. RDT execution which includes testing, monitoring and the final report