Concept Phase

Reliability Gap Analysis

Our gap analysis methodology allows our customers to determine their organization reliability maturity level and enable them to develop a startegy to reach the next level of maturity. The gap analysis will support the development of the reliability program plan and setting the reliability goals for the product. Based on our years of experience we will be able to help you with defining reliability and availability requirements for your product. Our gap analysis methodology will highlight the relationship between the reliability tasks and the desired maturity level.

Reliability Goal Setting

Customer requirements could be provided using various metrics such as system availability (i.e. 99.999%), annualized failure rate (AFR – i.e 1%), mean time between failures (MTBF – i.e. 800,000 hrs.). Reliability allocation analysis or goal setting takes any of these requirements and translates them into tangible reliability requirements for all elements of the system/product. Reliability goals are generally communicated in the product requirements document or design specification. Also, it will drive the required reliability tasks to be performed on the product during product development phase. It is recommended to perform reliability gap analysis to determine the current capabilities and practices of the organization.

Technology Risk Assessment

As technology advances, the risk of applying them increases as well. Utilizing our technology assessment approach, we can help our customers by identifying the risk areas and help identifying a mitigation strategy to eliminate / reduce the risk. The technology risk assessment can be applied to new or current products. We apply various reliability techniques to highlight the key technology risks.

Reliability Program Plan

A reliability program plan can be more efficient and effective if it utilizes the results of reliability gap analysis and the required reliability goals. The intent of reliability program plan is to define a set of reliability activities that will help the organization to reach their product reliability goals in the required product development schedule. We help our customers to plan the timing of the required reliability activities during the development life cycle to maximize the value of each task and the combination of these tasks.